Boost Your Body’s Immunity with a Simple Glass of Milk

Chattanooga, Tenn. (2nd July, 2008) – A traveler’s tummy can derail the best-laid vacation plans – and turn a much-anticipated summer trip into a nightmare. But one simple – and surprising – trick could help boost your body’s natural defenses even while you’re on the road.

Drinking milk with probiotics – like Nurture® by Mayfield – helps strengthen your body’s natural defenses and keep you healthy all summer long. That’s because regular consumption of probiotics in milk can help keep optimum levels of these healthy – and helpful - organisms directly where you body needs it most: your digestive system.

“The intestinal system is like a small universe populated with trillions of healthful bacteria,” says Dr. Mirjana Curic-Bawden, a senior scientist with Chris Hansen Laboratories, supplier of probiotics for Nurture milk.

“Keeping a healthy balance of probiotics in our digestive system helps us in many ways, including having a positive effect on our immunity,” she explains. “In fact, balanced microflora in our intestinal tract is of crucial importance for optimal health and well-being overall.”

But aging, the stress of today’s lifestyles, our diets and medications affect this balance by reducing the level of good bacteria in our systems. Fortunately, we can re-establish the balance by consuming probiotics in our food and drink.

According to Mayfield Dairy Farms Vice President Rob Mayfield, that’s why drinking 2-3 glasses of milk with probiotics, such as Nurture by Mayfield, every day is one of the smartest ways to replenish good bacteria and naturally boost your immunity.

“There is substantial scientific research that shows the body readily accepts probiotics delivered through milk and other dairy products,” Mayfield says. “And because milk is something most people drink on a regular basis, it’s a simple, easy way to stay healthy – without adding any new items to your grocery list.”

Better yet, probiotics stay in your system for up to two weeks – so if you drink Nurture regularly, you’ll enjoy the immunity-boosting benefits even when you’re out of town.