From delicious peppermint stick ice cream to creamy eggnog, Mayfield has holiday treats the whole family will enjoy

Athens, Tenn. (November 15, 2012) -­‐ ‘Tis the season for yummy holiday treats, and Mayfield has plenty
to choose from. From delicious Mayfield Peppermint Stick Ice Cream to sweet and creamy Mayfield Eggnog, nothing says the holidays like enjoying your favorite Mayfield holiday treat with family and friends.

Kids and adults alike will love the rich, creamy, peppermint taste of Mayfield’s famous Peppermint Stick Ice Cream, available for a limited time during the holidays! To the delight of taste buds young and old, Mayfield has mixed red and green peppermints with Mayfield Vanilla Ice Cream for a festive blend.

In fact, people have enjoyed it so much, Mayfield has even created a peppermint stick ice cream pie recipe, featuring a vanilla wafer and crushed pecan crust, Mayfield Peppermint Stick Ice Cream and chocolate syrup poured over the top. The recipe is available to consumers online at Other Mayfield holiday favorites like Snow Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream and Snow Cream Stix—or other favorites like Cookies & Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip—are sure to get consumers in the holiday spirit, too.

Plus, Mayfield’s famous Eggnog is a festive treat that’s perfect for entertaining, enjoying alone or with a few friends. For those planning on doing a lot of dashing this holiday season, Mayfield Eggnog is available in pints, so it’s easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere—even if you don’t have a one-­‐horse open sleigh!

Mayfield’s Peppermint Stick Ice Cream and Eggnog, along with other Mayfield favorites, are in stores now. For a complete list of Mayfield products, visit, or call 1-­‐800-­‐MAYFIELD.