mayfield history


The Mayfield Story

In 1910, when T.B. Mayfield Jr. purchased 45 Jersey cows and began delivering milk to customers in his hometown of Athens, Tennessee, little did he know that four generations later, his family milk and ice cream business would become one of the nation's favorite dairy brands.

After T.B. Jr. retired, the next generation of the Mayfield family picked up where he left off, and in 1950, under the leadership of owners Thomas B. Mayfield III and C. Scott Mayfield Sr., we build the Southeast's most modern milk plant. Today, Mayfield is one of the nation's leading dairies, using advanced technology to bring the best products and innovative packaging to our customers. 

Mayfield Timeline




Jesse Mayfield settles in McMinn County, Tennessee


Jesse’s grandson, T.B. Mayfield Sr., is born


T.B. Mayfield Sr. begins farming, raising and selling Jersey cows


T. B. Mayfield Jr. is born

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